Eid Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Eid Al fetr is almost there. And many preparations come with it. In this article, we will give you some Eid Decoration ideas for your house.


1- Lighting:

One of the nice decoration ideas for Eid is the lighting. You can put lighting on all the house, or on the front door of your apartment; to make your place look stunning and celebrating The Eid with these great lights. Also, there are many types of lighting available in the store, you can choose from them.



2- Star& moon hangers:

The star& moon are important in Islamic culture. A new moon means that the holy month of Ramadan is over, and the celebration of breaking the fasting is about to come. So, putting moon& star hangers will be a special and great idea for your decorations. You can put these hangers on your front door, or on the doors of your kid’s room; to make them happier and more excited about The Eid.



3- Beautiful lanterns:

Lanterns are one of the very special Eid decorative pieces. You can choose lanterns written on them” Eid Mubarak” or any other phrase that celebrates the Eid.



4- Candles and flower vases:

You will find many candles and vases with different designs. You can decorate the candles yourself by using henna to write on them. It will be a nice thing to do with your kids to prepare for the special Eid coming.



5- Eidia corner:

An Eidia is a gift that is given to young children by their relatives in Eid. So, an Eidia corner will be great for your kids and they will be excited about it.


We hope you spend a great Eid with your family and friends.

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