Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor

What you eat affects all of your body, including your body odor. Body odor is basically a chemical reaction between the byproducts of what we eat and the bacteria present on our skin. In this article, we will know more about the foods that may cause you bad body odor.


1- Garlic:

You already know that it causes you bad breath and avoid it. But actually, garlic affects the smell of your urine and sweat too. Some say that you may drink some milk before or after you eat garlic, and it will help to reduce the smell.



2- Onions:

These also cause you bad body odor. Both onions and garlic break down to sulfur compounds, these are responsible for their bad odor.



3- Cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels:

These vegetables also release sulfur which causes a bad odor and flatulence. But these foods are also rich in many vitamins and have a lot of anti-cancer properties.



4- Alcohol:

Alcohol causes the bad breath smell, but it also affects the smell of sweat too.



5- Meat:

Many studies had proved that meat causes bad odor, in urine and sweat. So try not to eat large amounts of it.



In general, many studies prove that people who are vegetarian smell better and had more attractive odor than others. So one great solution for bad body odor could be eating respectful amounts of vegetables and fruits.


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