Ideas For Ramadan Decorations

There is no doubt that Ramadan is one very special occasion. And that it has its own beauty everywhere around us. In this article, we will give you some ideas for your Ramadan decorations at home.


1- Ramadan banner:

You can use banners for your Ramadan decoration. You can hang them on your door and in your kids’ room, and write on them”Ramadan Kareem”. Those banners come in many joyful designs. And before Ramadan, you can design your own banners with the kids. This will be a great thing that makes all of the family feel the joy and beauty of the holy month.




In many countries, lanterns are the main thing that shows the beauty of Ramadan. You can bring lanterns that can be eliminated, put them in corners of your home, or on your stairs. This will definitely make your kids happy each time they see it.



3- Ramadan calendar:

This can be a handmaid in a beautiful and special way. Write the days of Ramadan, and a beautiful sentence that reminds everybody with the spirituality of the holy month. Hang this calendar in your living room or kids room.




4- Eid countdown chart:

In the last 10 days of Ramadan, you can get your family excited about Eid. Make a count down the chart to Eid in those days, as each day passes your kids will get excited about such a delightful occasion.



We wish you have the best Ramadan ever!

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