Important Tips In Order Not To Look Like A Tourist

Visiting a new place is considered a challenge on many levels, as you have to adapt to the new place you are visiting and feel comfortable in it. In this article, we will give you some Tips In Order Not To Look Like A Tourist


1- Consider the way you dress:

Before visiting a new place, search for what people are wearing there. If the locals wear clothes that cover the head and shoulders, try to cover them too. If you have to take off your shoes in some places know these places as well.



2- Learn the basic words of the language:

Before you go to a new place, try to learn the basic words and phrases in its language. Words, like please and thank you or phrases that ask about places and directions, will help you a lot and let you adapt more with the locals.



3- Try new foods:

Traveling is a chance of trying many things, and this includes local food. Instead of hurrying to restaurants that present food you know in your country, try new foods and you will find some of the delicious of course.



4- Don’t talk about politics:

Talking about politics can create a distance between you and the locals. Avoid talking about the political situation, past wars, or saying any racist comments for sure.



5- Use public transportation:

Public transportation will save you a lot of money anywhere you go. And you’ll have the chance the see many places you wouldn’t be able to see if you took a taxi.



6- Be aware of your surroundings:

Concentrate well while on the street. Watch for yourself and any stuff you are carrying.



We wish you a great traveling experience.

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