Men’s 3 Ultimate Wedding Collections.

Every bride will tell you the four main things to have at your wedding are the groom, the perfect dress, an amazing photographer and the perfect venue because the wedding is all about the bride and how amazing, her special day.

What if we told you that this year it’ll be all about the groom. The groomsmen usually wear tuxedos. Although no man wants to outshine his bride, it’s time for us to focus on the men in the wedding party a little bit more.

1- Get a Sophisticated Italian Look with Brioni

Brioni is an Italian brand that specializes in luxury. Their suits feature a narrow silhouette and these tuxedos can be tailored to your liking. The Brioni brand specializes in creating custom tuxedos for special events.

2-Get Married Like a BOSS

Hugo Boss suits can be found at Nordstrom, as well as a large collection of shirts and ties to complete the perfect wedding look. If brides want their future husbands to wear a classic gray suit with blue pins and cufflinks, BOSS will find the perfect color and suit combination that works with any wedding theme.

3- Look GQ Ready with Burberry

Burberry is for the groom that likes a modern take on the classic tuxedo. Burberry has an array of fitted suits that are perfect for a well put together wedding look. Every one of them is fitted to the wearer’s body. This enhances a man’s masculine body features without taking away from the cut of the classic suit.