Most Unique Hotel in the World

The ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Is the first of its kind and was first created in 1990. It is now known as the biggest hotel of snow and ice in the world, spanning over 6,000 square meters. Situated 200km North of the Arctic circle it is one of the most remote luxury resorts in the world. This remote location gives its guests the feeling of complete disconnect, allows for spectacular views of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. With no major towns or light sources around, the night skies here are crystal clear providing spectacular views.

There are a number of things apart from the remote location and views that make this hotel so unique and exotic, however. First off, everything, and we do really mean EVERYTHING, within the hotel is made from ice. This includes the chairs, beds, glasses, bars etc. All the ice is locally sourced from the nearby Torne River. There is even a chapel within the hotel for guests who wish to be married in a spectacular, haunting, sub-zero and unique setting.

The same thing happens with the hotel. Each year when spring comes and the temperatures rise the hotel is allowed to melt. This means that the hotel is rebuilt completely each year with a completely different design! Architects queue up to present their vision to the jury who choose the design of the hotel for the coming season. Guests can come again and again and feel like they are getting a different experience each time because it is almost quite literally a new hotel.