Things You Shouldn’t Buy At The Airport

Airports are one of the places you’ll stay in for long sometimes. You will need food, water, or remember any other thing that you should buy, but you know that they are really expensive. So, in this article, we will tell you about some of the Things You Shouldn’t Buy At The Airport


Things You Shouldn’t Buy At The Airport:



Sure we all get bored waiting at the airport and want to check our emails and messages. But paying for wifi is really pricy, and it is usually weak with bad internet quality. So try to resist this temptation of going online and read a book for example instead of it.



2- Electronics:

You might forget to pack your charger or headphones, but you may pay double for them if you buy them from the airport. So, make sure you have a reminder to pack them, and if you need to buy them, buy them from places other than the airport.



3- Food:

Sure you have read the prices of very ordinary food in airports before. Try generally to avoid eating just before your flight, to avoid getting sick on the plane. And bring your own food in case you get hungry in there.



4- Water& drinks:

You can buy a bottle of water to double its price at the airport. So have your own bottle, and refill it from the bathroom in there.



5- Souvenirs:

These are one of the very expensive things in airports, and you should totally avoid buying them from there. Plan ahead and buy them from your destination.



6- Medicine:

If you know that you usually get drowsy in the plane or have any complains they need medications, then buy your medications from any pharmacy outside the airport.


We wish you have the best trip

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