Tips For Camping In The Sahara Desert

One of the great activities that you can do on your trip to Morocco is camping in the Sahara Desert. There you will see the beautiful night of the Sahara, and you will enjoy the calmness around you. In this article, we will give you some tips Camping In The Sahara Desert


1- Pack well:

You will be in the desert, so never forget bringing a hat and sunglasses with you; in order to protect yourself from the heat there. But as the night comes, the temperature drops. So you will need a good blanket with you too.



2- Pay the extra money and you will be happier:

Paying the extra money for camping will help you a lot. The extra money will guarantee you have your own tent, with clean linens and good camels. The traffic you take to the Sahara will be air-conditioned and comfortable too. So this extra money will make your trip better.



3- Manage your time:

Plan well for your trip and make sure you arrive on time. Watching the sunset and the sunrise in the Sahara is an unforgettable experience, so do not miss it.



4- Choose the time to go:

In summer, especially in July and August temperatures can be extremely high. So avoid going there during this time. And in winter the night can be really cold too. So traveling in April, May, September, and October would be great, and will guarantee you good weather too.



5- Charge your phone:

Since you are in the desert, you won’t be able to charge your phone. So charge it well before you go. And you can’t also login to Facebook, Instagram, and all the social media. Relax there and enjoy the beauty of the Sahara.



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