Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets

Your carpets are one of the essential things that give an impression of you. That’s why they should be clean and looking good all the time. In this article, we will give you some tips for better Cleaning Your Carpets


1- Avoid putting shoes on them:

Shoes carry a lot of dirt that soon will make your carpet look dirty, and the more you step the carpet with your shoes, the more it will wear down your carpet. So, tell your family to avoid stepping the carpet with their shoes.



2- Add a rug for protection:

Sure the rug will need cleaning too, but it is a lot easier than cleaning the whole carpet. So make sure you use it for protection of your carpets.



3- Vacuum regularly:

A simple way to keep your carpets clean is by vacuuming regularly. Regular vacuuming removes the dirt off your carpets, so they will look clean all the time.



4- Put baking soda before vacuuming:

Baking soda will make your carpets smell good too. So spread some of it on the carpet before vacuuming, let in settle for a few minutes, then vacuum normally.



5- Don’t forget the deep cleaning:

The deep cleaning of your carpets will help to make them so clean and good. You can deep clean the carpets twice yearly, do it yourself or ask for someone who can help. And you will see the results immediately.



We wish you have all of your home clean and tidy all the time.

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