Tips For Iftar Gatherings In Ramadan

Ramadan is a beautiful month to invite family and friends for Iftar and Suhoor. You spend a very good time in it and enjoy the company of each other. In this article, we will give you some tips to follow when you invite people to have Iftar in your home.


1- Your drinks and soups:

With all of us being fast the whole day, we need a lot of water on Iftar. So, make sure that you prepare all of your juices and soups before your guests arrive. Make sure you do not prepare too sugary juices or creamy soups. Keep it light to enjoy a healthy Iftar.



2- Prepare everything they may need:

Make sure you prepare everything your guests may need so that they do not have to ask you to get up to bring them something. This includes extra cups, towels, ice cubes, or spices they will need for the food. Also check your plates, forks, and spoons.



3- Preparing your bathroom:

Make sure your bathroom will be comfortable for your guests. Prepare extra towels and soap. Make sure your bathroom smells clean and freshening.



4- Make them feel like being at home:

You can do this by being friendly and nice. And by preparing all they need. Make sure to tell them to watch TV the way they want, we all love to watch TV in Ramadan. And prepare praying rugs for them to pray too.




5- Cooking for your guests:

Make sure you cook food that everybody will eat. You can ask your guests first about their preferences, and take care if somebody is allergic to some kind of food.



We hope your guests enjoy your company and have the best times ever with you.

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