Tips For Visiting Temples In India

India is full of temples that you will visit in your trip there. And temples generally are considered sacred places that you have to respect in a particular way. In this article, we will give you some tips for Visiting Temples In India


Tips For Visiting Temples In India:


1- Take off your footwear:

This is a general rule in Indian temples, to take off whatever you are wearing in your foot. Don’t take off your shoes outside the temple, instead take them off in the place they made for that; in order to make sure you’ll find it when you finish seeing the temple. And some people buy cheap footwear while visiting the temples there.



2- Consider the dress code:

The dress code for visiting temples is very important. You should cover arms, legs, and in some places, you’ll wear something on your head too. If you wish to try traditional Indian uniform, you’ll find many traditional clothes in temples.



3- Give to the poor people outside the temples:

You’ll notice that many poor people are waiting outside the temples to be given food or money. If you like, give them food and feel good about it.



4- You won’t always be able to meditate in temples:

Temples are known to be a very calm place, where people can meditate and enjoy it there, but this won’t always happen. Temples can be a very noisy and crowded place due to all the people visiting them at the time. To evaluate the situation first, then decide whether to meditate or not.



5- Do your research:

Before visiting a temple, make sure you search it first. The search will let you know about the history of the temple, and what to expect to see there. And you’ll also know if there are any instructions you should follow while visiting the place.



We wish you have the best time while visiting Indian temples.

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