Tips For Your Makeup In Fall

Fall has come, and like every season you have to change your skincare routine and makeup according to it. In this article, we will give you some tips for your makeup In Fall.


Tips For Your Makeup In Fall:


1- Don’t skip your sunscreen for Makeup In Fall: 

A lot of girls skip sunscreen in cold weathers, but this is actually wrong. You should use your sunscreen all year, to guarantee that the sun won’t damage your skin by anyway.



2- Moisturize:

You know that in cold weather your skin van becomes dry easier than usual, so make sure you hydrate regularly. And you can choose a suitable moisturizer based on your skin type.  And make sure you moisturize your lips too during fall.


3- Avoid powder foundation:

The skin gets drier in cold weather, which means that a powder foundation may look flaky on you. So, shift to the liquid foundation in fall and winter.



4- Use serums and facial oils:

A good healthy skin will make your make up look better. So, this fall makes sure you use a suitable serum or face oil for your skin, you will find many of them that suit your skin type. If you have oily skin don’t worry, many of them are light in weight and will benefit your skin.



5- Use eye makeup colors that suit fall:

Rusts, oranges, and brown are all colors best known during fall. So make sure you apply them on your eyes for a lovely look.



6- Don’t forget hand care:

You hand will also need care during fall, so make sure you use a good moisturizer. For nail polish colors, go for grey and burgundy for beautiful nails.



We wish you look always beautiful, especially during the fall.

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