Tips That Will Make Cooking Easier For You

Many women have a lot of trouble while cooking specially if they are still learning to cook, or work and have to get home after a long day to cook. So, in this article, we will give you some tips to make cooking easier.


1- Don’t be afraid to be creative:

In many times you won’t have all the ingredients of a recipe, but you don’t have to worry about that! Cooking is about being creative and special in your own way. So dare to try cooking recipes by the ingredients you already have, and you will have a great meal for sure. The only case in which you can’t do that is while baking because it has special measurements and ingredients that you have to stick to.



2- Keep your recipes on your tablet:

A very nice way to keep recipes is by writing them on your tablet, and if you made any changes that led to good results save them too.



3- Wash your hands after garlic:

Garlic is the main component in most recipes, but its smell can stick to your hand for days. So make sure you wash your hands well after cutting garlic.



4- Buy a good knife:

A good sharp knife is one of your best friends in the kitchen, so make sure you buy a good knife and practice using it well.



5- Cook fish on lemon slices:

While you are frying or grilling fish you notice that it sticks to the pan. Try putting two slices of lemon first in your pan then cooking fish on them, fish won’t stick and it will also have a very nice citrus odor.



Cooking is great and you will be happy when you prepare a recipe that everyone likes, just have more patience and love what you do.

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