Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Love Ramadan More

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, and one of the hard things to do is to make little kids feel that and try the experience of fasting. In this article, we will give you some tips to encourage your kids to fast and to make them love Ramadan more.


1-Involve them in the whole thing:

Your kids should be involved in the whole experience of Ramadan. Before you start fasting, go out and let them see the new moon of the holy month. Tell them prayers before fasting and at iftar time. Make them help you in preparing the table for iftar and suhur. And take them to the beautiful Taraweeh in mosques.



2- Involve people around them too:

This includes your neighbors, friends of your kids, and family member. Try inviting some of the kid’s friends to have iftar in one of Ramadan days. Also, when your kids see you and your neighbors involved and each of you is inviting the other for iftar, this will let them live the true spirit of Ramadan more. Avery nice thing you can do is to prepare food for the poor, and let your kids give it to them before iftar. This is a very good thing that will make them feel a lot better.



3- Decorate your home together:

You can make home decorations for Ramadan by the help of your kids. Let them design and draw beautiful decorations for Ramadan, and hang them in their rooms.



4- Show them love and support:

It is very important to show your kids love and support when they fast, or when they do something nice to others in Ramadan. This way they will love the holy month more and know the true spirit of it.



We hope you and your kids enjoy the holy month together!

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