Tips To Have A Special Eid With Your Family

Eid Al-fetr is a lovely occasion, where we celebrate the end of fasting and the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In this article, we will give you some tips for a special Eid with your family.


1- Ask for a family meeting:

Before the Eid ask for a family meeting. Start planning with your family all about the Eid. This includes their favorite plates for Eid, clothes, and preparing the house. These meetings will be a great memory you all will remember later.



2- Decorate the house:

This is also a nice thing to do in Eid. Make your kids make handmade decorations for Eid. They will be happy and excited about it.



3- Prepare Eid gifts:

You and your family can decide on giving Eid gifts to each other. Each of you can make a handmaid gift for the other, this can be cheaper than buying gifts and more special too.



4- Prepare your car& clothes:

Do not forget to wash your car to be all clean for Eid. Do this by the help of your kids. Let them prepare their own clothes for Eid too. Make sure all of your activities together are early before Eid; to relax enough and do all you want properly.



5- Tell your kids to give:

One very good thing you can do is to tell your kids to give others. This Eid let your kids give money to the poor, let them feel and care about the others who are in need. And tell them that part of their happiness in Eid will be by caring for others in Eid days.



Eid is all about being with your family and feeling the warmth of your gatherings in Eid. It is also about caring, giving, and loving. We wish a happy Eid for you and your family.

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