Tips To Keep Insects Away From Your House

We all hate insects and wonder a lot where they come from and how they enter our clean organized houses. In this article, we will give you some tips to prevent insects from entering your house.


1- Look for gaps and seal them:

Insects and pests like gaps, especially the small ones where electricity lines and pipes enter your house. So make sure you find these small gaps and seal them.



2- Look closely at your screens and nets:

Screens and nets protect your house from insects, but only if they are totally good without any small cuts or gaps. So if you have a net or a screen with even a small cut, make sure you fix it right now.



3- Use vinegar to get rid of ants:

Ants use a trail so that other ants can follow them. You can remove this trail by mixing vinegar, water, and peppermint together. This mix will reduce ants in your house.



4- Use onions to get rid of spiders:

Spiders don’t like an onion. So you can cut some onion slides, put them in a bowl of water, and place it where you think spiders are, or at places that spiders can enter your house from.



5- Use apple vinegar for food flies:

Food flies that come to your kitchen are definitely making you angry. So, put some apple vinegar in a bowl, cover it with a plastic sheet, and make some holes into the sheet. The flies will be attracted to it and will eventually fall in it and not being able to get out.



6- Store food away from insects:

Make sure all the food in the kitchen is covered and away from insects, do that before you sleep.



We wish your house will be clean and free of insects all the time.

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