Tips To Make Your Child Like Reading

Reading is one of the most useful activities anyone could ever do, and raising your child to be a good reader is wonderful for him. In this article we will give you some tips to make your child like reading.


1- Start reading for him at a very early age:

Read for your child at bedtime, but not only that. You can make reading one of the mutual activities that you do at any time throughout the day. Cuddle your child while you are reading for him, he’ll love how it connects both of you together and will wait for it every day.



2- Visit the library together:

Go with your child to the library, and see whether he’ll like it each time you go or not. If he likes it, then make sure you go to it regularly and pick a book together.



3- Don’t try to teach him how to read at a young age:

Children learn to read on their own before they go to school. And the goal of reading together is to make him like it, and to let him hear your voice and how its tone changes with events, and to see the pictures with their bright colors in the book. So forcing him to learn how to read will make him hate the whole process, instead, concentrate on making it funny and beautiful each time you read together.



4- Keep reading for him, even after he learns it:

Don’t stop reading for your child even if he learns to read. Most of the times, he won’t be able to understand what he reads, so reading together will give him the chance of asking you, and you’ll have very nice conversations because of that. And it is always good to make reading one of your special activities together.



We wish your child will be the best reader ever.

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