Tips To Prepare Lunch Box For Your Child

A lot of mums suffer to make their kids eat healthy food. Kids also need food to grow in a healthy way and to get the energy that will help them play all day. In this article, we will give you some tips to Prepare Lunch Box for your child.


Tips To Prepare Lunch Box For Your Child:


1- Make sure to put a lot of fruits, vegetables, together with protein and carbohydrates. Avoid foods with too much salt or sugar.



2- Choose foods that your kids love to eat. If there is really good food they don’t eat, make a fruit salad and put this fruit in it.



3- If your kid hates vegetables, you can add things like tomato sauce, hummus, or pesto to make sure that he is still getting important nutrients he needs.



4- Cook in extra amounts, so that you have some food left that you can put in the lunch box the next day. Cook things kids like, like chicken breasts or anything else they enjoy eating. They will be happy to know that some of them are left for them the next day.



5- If your kid hates milk, put meals that contain protein inside of them, or even juices prepared with milk so that he can eat something he likes and still get all benefits of milk.



6- Change the foods you put for your kid. Kids get bored easily, especially if you put the same food for them every day. Ask them what food they love to eat, and put something new every once in a while.



7- Don’t fill the lunch box with things they don’t like, they will only eat things they like.



We wish your kid stays healthy and strong all the time.

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