Tips To Prepare Your Table For Eid

Food is one of the basic things in Eid, especially when your family, neighbors, and friends come to visit you. In this article, we will give you some tips to Prepare Your Table For Eid


1- Talk to your family:

After an iftar in Ramadan, talk to your family members. Ask them about how you all will prepare a nice table for the coming guests. Then start giving missions to everyone, the missions include buying food, cleaning the house, and preparing the table with what it needs.



2- Cleaning:

The decorations are wonderful, but they will be useless if the surrounding area is not clean. Cleaning the kitchen and dining room is the most important while preparing for Eid. Start cleaning early this Ramadan to have enough time for yourself.



3- The menu:

Talk to your family about the menu too. Start planning what will you cook for your guests. Make sure you cook food that most people like and eat. And prepare a variety of dishes that suit every guest of yours.



4- Your tablecloth:

This one is very important while preparing your table. Make sure your tablecloth is clean and new. There are many designs for you to buy, and you can sew a table with decorations and quotes for the Eid too.



5- Leave enough space:

Make sure there will be enough space for your guests to eat comfortably. Do not put too much dishes on your table if they will take the whole space, put some dishes on a smaller table next to your main table. Everybody will be able to see all the food and yet eat comfortably.



We wish your dining table is the best this Eid

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