Tips To Stay Fit In Ramadan

Fasting will change your eating habits. Some people may become fat or thinner in Ramadan. You will also be devoid of water for a long time, and you have to compensate that well. In this article, we will give you some tips to stay fit in Ramadan.


1- Eat a good Suhour:

Suhour is as important as iftar. It will help you survive and maintain good health through the day. Make sure your Suhour contains grains, high fiber foods, and protein-rich food. To make sure your body has all the necessary elements for you through the day.



2- Do not forget fruits and vegetables:

Many of us may forget to eat enough foods and vegetables. These are important to have a healthy body system, and if you want to lose weight in Ramadan, replace Ramadan sweets with fruits and vegetables.



3- Eat your iftar slowly:

Yes, you are hungry all day and the food smells great. But eating all at once a large amount of food will make you suffer till suhour. So make sure you eat small portions of food when you begin, or divide your large meal into two small meals.



4- Make soups the main thing in your iftar:

Soups are healthy, warming, and comforting during Ramadan. Start your iftar with a healthy warm soup. You can make many delicious soup recipes for iftar. Stay away from creamy soups in Ramadan.



5- Avoid caffeine:

If you are a coffee addict, you will suffer for sure during Ramadan. But you have to stay away from caffeine in the holy month. Caffeinated drinks will make you dehydrated, and you will be thirsty during the long hours of fasting, so better avoid them. Concentrate on drinking more water and nice juices.



We wish you stay healthy in the holy month and after.

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