Tips To Stay Healthy And Active During Eid

Eid is almost there! And the so many delicious foods come with it. But you should remind yourself that these foods could be nonhealthy, and if you are trying to lose weight you’d better stay away from them. In this article, we will give you some tips for Tips To Stay Healthy And Active During Eid


Tips To Stay Healthy And Active During Eid:


1- Be moderate with sheep meat:

Most of us eat sheep meat during Eid. But it actually has a 20% fat content. So you should be moderate while eating it and make sure you remove any visible fat in it. If you decide to grill sheep meat add vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and carrots with it, they will add a rich more delicious flavor.



2- Eat fruits and vegetables first:

The temptation of sweets is so hard to resist especially during Eid times. So make sure you eat fruits and vegetables before them to become full so that if you take some of them you don’t take too much. Prepare fruit salads and smoothies and enjoy them all day.



3- Divide your meals into smaller ones:

In Eid, the table is full of so many foods that are mostly nonhealthy, and many people suffer from bloating and discomfort because of these foods. To avoid that divide your meals into smaller ones, this will let your stomach rest and work well and will keep you away from bloating or any discomfort.



4- Exercise:

Something many people skip during Eid is exercising. And you don’t have to exercise so hard, just walk the street, ride your bike, or even help with housework. Moving will keep you activated and healthy during Eid day.



We wish you have the best Eid with your family and beloved ones.

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