Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Skin

Congrats to you! You just had a very beautiful baby whom you want to take care of, and keep healthy all the time. But how can you take care of his delicate skin? And what are the products to avoid in order not to hurt him? In this article, we will give you some tips about Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Skin


 1- Avoid too much bathing your baby:

New babies do not get dirty and sweaty as we do. So, you do not have to bath them too much during their first year. A sponge that has some water is quiet enough for them. Put it in water and clean your baby’s skin with it. That way he will keep clean, and you won’t remove the natural oils present in his skin. Except for diaper change, in which you have to clean him well, avoid too much bathing generally.



2- Avoid scented products:

In the baby’s first months avoid using scented products on his skin. These products may irritate his skin, so try avoiding them.



3- Clean your baby’s cloth properly:

There are special detergents that are designed to clean babies’ cloth. These are fragrance& dye free. Use them, and separate the baby’s cloth from the family’s cloth before cleaning them.



4- Diaper care:

Diaper rash is one of the most famous problems new babies suffer from. With some care, you can reduce this rash and protect your baby. Check the babies’ diapers frequently, and change them if they get dirty. Wash the area with a mild cleanser, that is fragrance-free and suits children. Don’t rub your baby’s skin upon cleansing, just pat gently. And use a soft cloth, not wipes as they contain alcohol which may irritate the baby’s skin. And use the suitable ointment or cream that suits this area.



We wish all the health to your baby.

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