Tips To Visit Luxor In Egypt

Luxor city in Egypt is a very famous destination for tourists to visit. It contains so many temples and monuments that will make you feel as if you are walking in the middle of history. In this article, we will let you know more about places to visit in Luxor, and general tips about it.


1- Valley of the kings:

Valley of the Kings is located in the west bank of Luxor city.  It contains many tombs for ancient kings of Egypt. The tombs had suffered from thieves and hunters, so a few of them is open for tourists to see. The tickets you pay to provide access to only 3 tombs. There are other tombs that you have to pay extra money in order to see them. The way to the valley is hot, so make sure you get enough water and have a hat to protect you.



2- The Karnak:

Karnak was one of the most important places in ancient Egypt, it contained the temple of Amun in its heart. The temple was the place of the local god in Egypt at that time. Ptolemies and early Christians rebuilt and extended many locations in the place through time.



3- Tombs of the Nobles:

There are around 400 tombs of the Nobles, from ancient Egyptians till the time of Romans. These tombs are decorated with paintings of daily activities people used to practice in ancient Egypt.



4- Luxor museum:

This is actually one of the most famous temples in Egypt. It contains antiques from the old Kings time reaching to the Mamluk period. The museum has many sections and wonderful antiques to see.



We recommend you read a lot before visiting Luxor to really enjoy your visit there. We wish you be happy and enjoy seeing all the greatness in there.


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