Tips To Visit The Sistine Chapel And The Vatican Museums

You finally decided to visit such a magnificent place and that is the Sistine Chapel. A place where art is talking for a long time, impressing everyone who sees it. In this article, we will give you some tips for your Visit The Sistine Chapel And The Vatican Museums


1- Skip the line ticket:

If you want to save your time there, then you can buy” skip the line ticket”. You will not have to wait for very long in lines, the security will see your identity and your bags. Then you are free to go to any place you want in there.



2- Choose the correct time:

The museum and the chapel are open to the public from Monday to Saturday. They are also open on the last Sunday in the month. From 2018 it became available to visit the museums on Friday too. Remember to know the exact time the museum and chapel open their gates for visitors. Make sure to avoid times where there are too many visitors there.



3- Take your time:

You may need half a day or a whole day to visit the museums. The artworks there are wonderful and you will need much time to enjoy the details of each piece.



4- Appropriate dressing:

Remember that those places are sacred.  So wear long pants or a skirt that cover the knees. T-shirts should cover shoulders for women too.



5- Food:

It is forbidden to take food or drinks inside the chapel. But there are many nearby restaurants in there. And there is a restaurant in the museum.



We wish you an unforgettable visit to these places.


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