Top Activities To Do In Florence

Florence is one of the most important touristic cities in the world. It has a great mix from civilization, history, and amazing beauty in every place around you. In this article, we will give you some tips about Activities To Do In Florence.


Top Activities To Do In Florence:


1- Visiting the Cathedral:

Florence Cathedral is also known as the Duomo is the most important site in the city, and it is actually standing proudly among other buildings. The design of the cathedral is fantastic, and it is actually what makes it so special.



2- Visiting Giotto’s Bell Tower:

Giotto’s bell tower is also known as Giotto’s Campanile, and one of the very famous sites there. Many believe that the tower is connected to the cathedral, but the truth is that it is actually separated from it. Two famous artists designed this tower, and it gives you the chance to see the whole beauty of the city from above.



Also, Top Activities To Do In Florence:

3- Visiting the Palazzo Vecchio:

This building is the most important administrative building in Florence. It is designed to look like a castle, and the interior of it contains many amazing rooms for you to see.



4- Walking through Boboli Gardens:

If you like silence and being surrounded by green color, then Boboli Gardens are the place to visit. These great wide gardens are one of the important sites in the city, with amazing design and much green color around you.



5-From Activities To Do In Florence Visiting Piazzale Michelangelo:

Michelangelo is one of Italy’s most famous and genius artists. This square which carries his name and has a statue of him offers you the best scene to the whole city, where you can see the cathedral and buildings around it. It is also near to Boboli Gardens and you can visit them both.



Florence has so many wonderful buildings to see and many galleries to visit. You’ll enjoy your trip there for sure.

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