Top Cities To Visit In Asia This Winter

Winter is a great chance to visit so many cities and see their own beauty in this special season. In this article, we will tell you about top Cities To Visit In Asia This Winter


Top Cities To Visit In Asia This Winter:


1- Harbin, China:

If you like winter festivals, then Harbin is the place to go. The city hosts one of the most famous ice festivals, where huge ice sculptures are there. With fireworks and great performances, you’ll have a great trip to this special city.



2- Otaru, Japan:

Otaru is famous for its beautiful canal. This canal is the place where a very beautiful festival is held. In this festival people light up candles and leave them to float in the canal, a very beautiful scene that tourist comes to the city to see.



3- Lhasa, Tibet:

This place is known to be really cold, but not the cold that actually stops you from visiting it. The sun shines there so you still can enjoy your trip. There you’ll enjoy the amazing nature around you, also the accommodation price is good. Plus the beautiful nature, you’ll enjoy festivals, local dances, and ice sculptures.


4- Shimla, India:

The city has a beautiful scene thanks to its beautiful mountains. And if you like winter sports the city offers many of them. Also, you can enjoy amazing spa treatments there.



5- Sapporo, Japan:

This city is also famous for the winter festival that attracts so many people to it.  There you can enjoy seeing ice sculptures,   listening to music, trying local foods, and many other activities.



6- Almaty, Kazakhstan:

This city is very special because of its amazing natural scenes. If you appreciate beauty, then you’d like to visit this city. It has also many sports activities for people who adore them.



We wish you have an amazing trip to these wonderful cities.

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