Top Cities To Visit In Japan

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. It is also best known for technology and large progress. In this article, we will tell you about important Cities To Visit In Japan


1- Tokyo:

This is the capital city in Japan and one of the most famous large cities in the world. There you will notice technology all around you, and you will see skyscrapers and other huge places. The food there is great, and vegetarians will find very delicious foods in the many restaurants in this wonderful city.



2- Kyoto:

If you are going to Japan for a short time, then Kyoto should be a priority to visit. This city represents old Japan just as you saw it in movies. You will see geisha, kimonos, forests, and many temples there. There are also old buildings and streets, and a mix of many things that will blow your mind away.



3- Hakone:

This is a small city near Tokyo, so you can reach it from Tokyo in a short time. From Hakone, you can see Mount Fuji, one of the most famous attractions in Japan that should be on your list.



4- Kanazawa:

Kanazawa is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, but tourists don’t often choose to visit it. So if you are looking for a very nice place to visit and isn’t crowded with tourist then Kanazawa is your destination. There you can enjoy historical Japan, besides many art museums that you’ll enjoy.



5- Nikko:

Nikko is also near Tokyo, so you can enjoy visiting it during your stay. But it is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, so it is definitely worth visiting.



We wish you have the best time ever in beautiful Japan.

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